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Moms On Mission is an “In the Gap” Movement

Women are one of the greatest untapped resources in the world. As women are strengthened, encouraged, sharpened, and equipped – we believe marriages change, families change, churches change, communities change, organizations and workplaces change, and ultimately the world changes.


There are founders leaders, pioneers, visionaries, executers, supporters and teammates among us.  We believe greater things are yet to be done in families, communities, nationally, and even globally through US.  There are dreams and visions God has given to you, and now is the time to move into them.


This is a movement to support our local sister.  To stand in the gap in areas of our lives we are attacked - such as health, marriage, identity, the family unit; and provide life giving truth that unifies us and propels us toward the Gap(s) to which we are called.


Are You a Mom on  Mission? Are you Standing in the Gap for your Mission? We'd like to hear. Submit your story below.



No matter how life had twisted and turned, God could change everything....


I was divorced and unhappy in my life. I had left thinking life was better on the other side. Over the next three years life was growing dimmer by the minute. I hit my rock bottom. But this was actually a window for God to begin His works in me. I was ready! He changed my life when I became willing to do what He asked me to do. God asked me to do what I thought was the unthinkable. He asked me to go back to my ex-husband. He actually had been asking me to do this for almost a year...but I pushed this idea away. I couldn't let go of the un forgiveness, the pain and unresolved feelings. How does a person let go of the things they hold so close, yet do such harm. God is how! I alone was not capable of walking that path. I had to reach out and take His hand and say "I'm ready Lord, take it all, take me". The moment I did this my life has never been the same. I watched my ex-husband go from basically hating me to returning one step at a time into my life.


With daily surrender to Gods will and obeying His direction we remarried in Dec of 2015!! I would have told you this was impossible...but with God NOTHING is impossible. Our full family is restored. Our three children have now watched God bring mom and dad home, and restore not only what was lost..but make it better! I had to realize His plan was never going to fail or falter. It wasn't easy, but in reality it was easier that following my own choices! I choose Him every time, with every decision! Listen to what He is telling you. He is calling you, he is saying I love you my child. Let me take your cares and restore your life! He is ready to take your burdens and turn them into blessings! God is endless and loves you with an everlasting love!


Mom of three, wife to the same man twice, sister to three, daughter to two, and a child of the ONE and only Father God! Jennifer 



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