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Why Moms On Mission? We're Glad You Asked.

This is a movement to unify & equip women to secure the wellbeing of their homes (themselves, their marriage and their children) and to answer the call that has been placed on their life and their families' life. Our heart is to provide an environment that exposes life giving truth and sheds light on aspects of a homefront that are often attacked: identity, health, marriage, parenting, etc.

We Believe:

  • When women come together with the well being of each other in mind, powerful things can happen.

  • Healthy and whole women create whole marriages which create whole families which create flourishing communities.

Purpose of Events:

  • To gather us together and expose us to resources with the purpose of creating unity and community

  • Exposure to influencers who at their core are driven to create a family unit with strength, vitality and purpose.

  • Spouses, significant others, and women of all ages are welcome at events.


We Envision:

A community of women that is interconnected through social media, supported by life-giving blog posts by contributing writers, and inspired by semi-annual Moms on Mission events (spring and fall) where we meet each other and are exposed to resources and wisdom right here in our community.

We are everyday moms building an intentional community of women for the well-being of our families and marriages. We invite women of all ages who share our passion to join the movement and contribute their part.


Bring your heart, your mind, your mess, and your passions. Join the movement. We're in this together.

We Certainly Love Having Husbands & Dads Join at Events!



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